Disable Those Annoying Browser Notifications Once And For All

Source: Disable Those Annoying Browser Notifications Once And For All

You hate it as much as I do: that little box that appears whenever you visit a news site or blog, asking for permission to bug you with notification boxes for stuff you don’t care about. Instead of throwing up your hands in defeat and learning to live with the annoyance, you can stop sites from bothering you altogether. Here’s how.

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Most young Australians can’t identify fake news online

Original article: The Conversation

In September 2017, we conducted Australia’s first nationally representative survey focused on young Australians’ news engagement practices.

Our survey of 1,000 young Australians aged eight to 16 indicated that while roughly one third felt they could distinguish fake news from real news, one third felt they could not make this distinction. The other third were uncertain about their ability. Continue reading “Most young Australians can’t identify fake news online”

Customers Overpaying on NBN Services

Original source: iTnews

Analysis: Bad process, bad data.

Retail service providers (RSPs) are refunding thousands of NBN customers for selling them internet services at unattainable speeds as a result of bad NBN Co processes and data.

The RSPs have been publicly shamed for selling NBN customers internet services that their copper lines could not physically support.

NBN Co has largely escaped retribution, and its CEO Bill Morrow continues to foist the blame on RSPs.

But NBN Co shares some of the culpability for these incidents.

It is the network builder’s poorly-designed process and unfit-for-purpose line speed data that is putting RSPs in a bind when trying to sign up new customers. Continue reading “Customers Overpaying on NBN Services”

iOS 11 Making Your iPhone Slow?

I recently upgraded my iPhone 6 Plus with the iOS 11 and immediately noticed a performance issue with my device (besides a bug with the volume control that I already reported to Apple).

I have experienced that with previous iOS versions and other iPhones. Most of the time, performing a Settings Reset will get your iPhone back to its normal performance operation.

This operation will not erase any data or apps from your phone, but you will need to re-configure some settings like the Wi-Fi connections, Touch ID, Keyboard settings and Location (privacy settings). If you had Touch Id enabled, you will also need to input your Apple ID password again once the reset is complete, so have it handy. This operation will optimize all the iPhone settings to its default, maximizing efficiency and speed in the execution of apps. Continue reading “iOS 11 Making Your iPhone Slow?”

What Should You Do To Maintain Your Computer Running Well

Your computer and your car have a lot in common. Whether large or small, used for long periods of time or not, both can enhance your life, and both should continue to serve you season after season. The key to making this happen, however, is proper care and maintenance.

If you had the chance to read the manual of your car, you will notice that the item that triggers the time for service is the number of kilometres you have driven.

It is not possible to know how many kilometres a computer has run, but we can (and we should) schedule daily, weekly and monthly maintenance tasks to keep the files safe, the computer secure and having the same performance of when it was purchased. Continue reading “What Should You Do To Maintain Your Computer Running Well”