Disable Those Annoying Browser Notifications Once And For All

Source: Disable Those Annoying Browser Notifications Once And For All

You hate it as much as I do: that little box that appears whenever you visit a news site or blog, asking for permission to bug you with notification boxes for stuff you don’t care about. Instead of throwing up your hands in defeat and learning to live with the annoyance, you can stop sites from bothering you altogether. Here’s how.

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iOS 11 Making Your iPhone Slow?

I recently upgraded my iPhone 6 Plus with the iOS 11 and immediately noticed a performance issue with my device (besides a bug with the volume control that I already reported to Apple).

I have experienced that with previous iOS versions and other iPhones. Most of the time, performing a Settings Reset will get your iPhone back to its normal performance operation.

This operation will not erase any data or apps from your phone, but you will need to re-configure some settings like the Wi-Fi connections, Touch ID, Keyboard settings and Location (privacy settings). If you had Touch Id enabled, you will also need to input your Apple ID password again once the reset is complete, so have it handy. This operation will optimize all the iPhone settings to its default, maximizing efficiency and speed in the execution of apps. Continue reading “iOS 11 Making Your iPhone Slow?”